Monday, September 28, 2009

Action 20090928: Short CPO Dec 2009 Future Contract

I shorted Dec CPO at 2127 soon after I was stopped my long position carried forward from last Friday which lost RM300.
The reason of shorting:
1) Stochastic of 1 hour (I use 1 hour chart mostly of the time now) started turning down
2) Most of the markets are down; Stock markets, other commodities and currency against USD etc.

The followings are the details:
Date: 28 Sept 2009 (Day 1: Open Trade)
Action: Short CPO Dec 2009 Fututre Contract
Short Price: 2127
Volume: 1 contract

Date: 29 Sept 2009 (Day 2: Close Trade)
Action: Long to close position
Shorted Price: 2121
Profit: RM 100 (2127-2121-2=4points)
Reason to close Position:
1) Hit my buy stop price at 2121
2) 1 Hour Stochastic turned up
My balance for the account is RM 35,075 after the profit of RM100

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