Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CPO Feb 2010: Turned Long at 2491

When the price broke above 2484, I turned long at 2491. It is quite hard for me actually specially I was just stopped my short position with a loss of RM 400 earlier. But I have to follow my trading system so I did it.
The details:
Date of entry: 1 Dec 2009
Trade Code: 20091201B
Action: Long CPO Feb 2010 Future Contract

I am lossing again. The price went below previous last two candle stick bars' low based on 1 hourly chart, so I exit the trade at 2483 with a loss of 10 points including 2 points for commissions.
The details:
Date of exit: 2 Dec 2009
Action: Short to exit at 2483
Loss: RM 250 (2491-2483+2= 10 points x RM 25 = RM 250)

My account balance now is RM 29,775.
(The details of my account is at )

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