Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Close Long Position For CPO

Date of entry: 22 Feb 2010
CPO April 2010 openned with a up gap indicate the bullishness of the market IF the price does not ended below today's low. I long at 2634 (2 contracts).

Date of exit: 24 Feb 2010
My stop loss of 2629 was hit with a loss of 7 points per contract inlcuding commission.

The balance of my account is RM 28,725 after the loss of RM 350 (Loss: 7points x 2 contracts x RM25 = RM 350).
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2010 )


  1. It is always risky to trade at open bell, esp gap-up or down.


  2. It is risky. But I am following the breakup method. A breakup is a breakup, I have to follow. I normally place stop loss for all my trades.

    Thanks you Najib

  3. Just wonder, how come no comm. charge ? can share which broker are you using ?


  4. Hi Najib,

    2634 - 2629 = 5 points.
    With 2 points commission, I lost 7 points per contract. I actually lost 5 points plus 2 points for the commission.