Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Lossing Trade Again. Short at 2600

Date of entry: 2 March 2010
I hope I am right. I shorted CPO May 2010 2 contracts at the close with the price of 2600. CPO price made a sudden u turn down and closed at 2600. This could be caused by news that we still yet to know. Following the price movement is the only way to the facts.

Date of exit: 3 March 2010
I closed my short position at 2625 at the open with a loss of 27 points per contract (2625-2600+2points=27points). I lost RM 1350 (27points x RM25 x 2 contracts = RM 1350)
The balance of my account is RM 26,950 after the loss of RM 1,350.
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2010 )


  1. I think you should hold on to your short pos.
    as the mkt is not strong. Soyoil going higher but CPO not reacting accordingly !

    I believe the recent run-up is coming to the tail-end !

    However still a good try !


  2. seems that you enter and exit the market many times in a month.
    CPO Futures is one of the BEST trending markets IN THE WORLD. this market is more suitable for long term trading.
    anyway,it's my opinion ..and whats more important is you stick to your investment principles that are best for your personality

  3. Najib, have you factored in the USD/RM exchange rate when you consider the Soybean oil price trend?

    ZacLim, so you suggest it is better to trade long term position trade for CPO instead of enter / exit many times like Abel? Is that what you are trying to say?

  4. Hi All,

    Thanks you all for your posts. I really appreciate it.
    My enter and exit are sensitive, I know. I did a lot of back testing last year using 1 hour chart and it worked well. My paper trade return was really good (I am trying to show you the return by using this real trading history to prove it, no point telling you all how great my back testing result is. Back testing is just back testing, they are Not real).

    Thank you again for your comments again.

  5. There are few things traders like to do. One is prediction. No one knows where the price is going. I would say useless to predict the market. Why not just react to the price? Let the market decide what position should u hold...