Friday, March 18, 2011

Exited FKLI Long Position

Date of entry: 17 March 2011
Long FKLI For Potential Rebound
I longed FKLI future contract March 2011 at 1488.5 for 3 contracts. It reached between the moving averages indicating a potential rebound.
This is obviously not a comfortable trade as I am kind of against the major trend. Holding over night could be deadly.

Date of exit: 18 March 2011
Exited FKLI Long Position
I shorted to exit the trade at 1496 with a gain of 6.5 points after deducting 1 point for commission.

The Profit: RM975 (6.5points x RM50 x3contracts = RM975

The balance of my account is RM16,325 after the profit of RM975.
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2011 )

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