Friday, March 9, 2012

Stop Loss Reached At 1582

Date of entry: 7 March 2012
Short FKLI March 2012
I shorted FKLI March 2012 at 1577 for one contract. It opened with a gap down indicating a weakness of the market. I would have shorted at 1574 (opening price) but I was late and it turned out a better price.
I am using 30 minutes chart for my future trading now. I will focus more on the overall trend.

Date of exit: 9 March 2012
Stop Loss Reached At 1582
I stop loss was reached at 1582 with a loss of 6 points (1 point added for commission).

The Loss: RM 300 (6points x RM50 x 1contract = RM 300)


  1. Again, sometime "actual" trades could be different from the "hypothetical" trades. Luckily this is a "good" one.
    Good luck.

    By the way, do you setup stop loss for your trade? And/or set target profit for the trade too?

  2. Yes EMT,

    I do place stop loss. But this time, I would place a little far from what I used to place.