Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cut Loss - 92 Points!

Date of exit : 18 Sept 2012
Tittle : Cut Loss - 92 Points!
I could not believe the market could gap 100 points down but it did. I exited the trade at 2838 with 92 points loss. This is the first time that I experience nearly 100 points loss on the opening gap.

The Loss : RM2300 (92 points x RM 25 x 1 contract = RM2300).

My balance is now RM24675
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of entry : 12 Sept 2012
Tittle : Initial Long CPO For Potential Rebound
I longed CPO Nov 2012 Future Contract at 2928 for one contract. There is high probability of the rebound since it has been down for many trading days.

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