Sunday, January 12, 2014

My FCPO 2013 Performance - FLAT!

FCPO Trading 2013 : 
My opening balance for FCPO was RM 26,175 in 2013. After a long and stressful trades for the whole year, my account managed to break even at RM 26,200 (slightly positive by RM 25!). I actual made up to RM 32,875 and for some reasons, the trades went south making me string and string of losses all the way to the low balance of RM 21,875.
The few bad trades enough to kill all my 'should have' profit of the year. In trading, anything can happen. When experiencing big win, we should BECOME very CAUTIOUS to preserve our profit. This is the lesson I learn from 2013 FCPO Trades. 
FKLI Trading 2013 : 
I have been quiet in FKLI trading with the reason that FKLI has no pattern. A pure chartist would find it hard to trade. I only managed have only trades for the whole year. Well, at least it is positive. I am happy actually. 
My initial balance at the beginning of 2013 was RM 13,675 and I managed to a little profit of RM 4,150 to RM 17,825; a positive performance of 30.35%. 


  1. Even your FCPO Year 2013 performance was flat but you do gain to improve you skill and experiance. Keep it on.
    Congaturation to your +30% on FKLI trades.
    Good luck and happy trading.

  2. Thank you EMT. Break even is better than losing. You are right, on top of that, I gain experiance.


  3. Hope you resume back soon. Good luck.

  4. you didn't lose your confidence, it is not easy for ordinary person

  5. not bad pal, it's not easy for ordinary person like us compared to those in institutions. well done and good luck.