Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Closed Long Position For FKLI Nov 2009 Contract

I longed FKLI Nove 2009 Future Contract in the morning at 1249. There is not much of bullish reason actually so I will put tight stop loss just in chase.
The details:
Date of entry: 3 Nov 2009
Trade Code: 20091103a
Action: Long FKLI Nov 2009 Future Contract
Longed Price: 1249
Volume: 2 Lots

It is true enough that the price is in consoliation at least for the last three days. I loss another 10.50 points after the stop loss of 1238.50 was hit.
The details:
Date of exit: 3 Oct 2009 (Same day as date of entry)
Action: Short to close long position
Shorted Price: 1238.50
Loss: RM 1150 (1249-1238.50+2=11.50 points)
My account balance further reduced to RM 35,000 after the loss of RM 1150.
(The details of my account is at http://www.bullsa.com/2009/06/my-future-trading-account-records.html )

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