Thursday, November 12, 2009

Closed Position to Long CPO Jan 2010

Sring of losses can really make me feel miseradle but I have to do according to my plan. It is hard. I reversed my position to long the moment I was stopped out at 2258.
The details:
Date of entry: 12 Nov 2009
Trade Code: 20091112b
Action: Long CPO Jan 2010 Future Contract
Price: 2258
Volume: 1 Contract

Date of exit: 12 Nov 2009 (Closed position the same day)
I closed my long position at 2264 with a little profit RM 150 (2265-2258-1=6 points x RM25=RM 150).
My balance now is RM 32,450 after the little profit of RM 150.

(The details of my account is at )


  1. Hi,

    Suggest you use 10sma close rather than using both Hi/Lo figures on 60m chart.

    Normally ,price closed abv 10sma is considered long, but you must take direction trend from daily chart.

    Have fun !