Monday, November 29, 2010

FKLI - Exit Trade - No Follow Through Selling Down

Date of entry: 26 Nov 2010
Short FKLI At 1486.5 - Do You Dare?
I reversed my position and shorted FKLI Nov 2010 future contract at 1486.5 for 2 contracts. I don't have to tell you the feeling. It really sucks.

Date of exit: 29 Nov 2010
FKLI - Exit Trade - Long Follow Through Selling Down
I exited the trade at 1484.5 for the two contracts with the reason that the price did not open with a gap down following the US market selling down on Friday. Moreover, it has been down for continuing 5 sessions (candles), there is high chance that the market will rebound.

The balance of my account is RM 31,500 after the profit of RM 100 (1point x RM50 x 2contracts = RM 100)
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2010 )


  1. yupp i dare, no problem to shot fkli, my trading kaki Fred shorted at 1493(DEC) today n still holding.. this is our short term swing play.. bro stay calm when losing dont let ur emotion effect u..


  2. Hi Mike Forex Cable,

    I am still trading forex and I am using daily chart similar to my CPO trading method. I am kind of lazy to post it.

    How about you? How are you doing?


  3. Abel, I thought you are very daring, but why cashed out too early ? JB

  4. Yes JB,

    This was a wrong one. Looking at 5 consecutive black candles, I did not wait for it to confirm the exit. My usual way would be waiting for the bounds than exit.