Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Short To Close CPO To Cash Out

Date of entry: 18 Jan 2011
Long FCPO - A Break Up But Not Strong Enough
I longed FCPO April 2011 Future Contract at 3667 for 1 contract. It is a mini break up. It looks like the trend is not strong enough as it still stays below the moving average.

Date of exit: 19 Jan 2011
Short To Close CPO To Cash Out
I shorted to close FCPO position at 3717 with a gain of 48 points.

The Profit: RM1,200 (48points x RM25 x 1contracts = RM1,200)

The balance of my account is RM18,300 after the profit of RM1,200.
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2011 )


  1. Abel, we are on the same boat ;)
    I bought more expensive and it was last week.
    Good luck to you and to me. LOL.

  2. Hi 华仔 Andy,

    The daily chart with a bullish white candle looks good. Hopefully, we could have positive returns.



  3. Hi Hi.. you were right about the bullish white ;)
    Congrats to your profitable return and now I am alone. :))