Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long To Close CPO To Call It A Day

Date of entry: 13 Jan 2011
Short Again CPO - Break Down - What to do
I shorted again CPO March 2011 future contract at 3667 for 1 contract. It is a break down and I just follow the price action even I felt not very comfortable to do so.

Date of exit: Same Day
Long To Close CPO To Call It A Day
I longed to close the position at 3673 with a loss of 7 points including 1 point for commission.

The losses: RM175 (7points x RM25 x 1contract = RM175)

The balance of my account is RM17,300after the loss of RM175.
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2011 )


  1. Funny CPO is not corresponding with SO & CO movement?...So volatile...Just hope doesn't reach my stop loss.

  2. Smart move! I think only now CPO will start to follow the logical way. UP.UP.UP...

  3. Hi,
    That is why I am comfortable to hold overnight nowadays.

  4. Sometimes the market is just not possible to trade overnight- like now. So we can plan to trade intraday. I think with your experience 10-20 points daily is quite possible.

  5. Correction for my previous comment:
    I actually mean:
    " That is why I am NOT comfortable to hold overnight nowadays "

    Sorry about that.