Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Exited Trade At 3097

Date of entry: 18 July 2011
Reversed To Short At 3080
I reversed to short at 3080 for 2 contracts. The breaking down caused a lot of stop loss triggered. I don't have to tell you the emotional part of these two trades. It sucks.

Date of exit: 19 July 2011
Exited Trade At 3097
I longed to exit my trade this morning at 3097 with a loss of 19 points (2 points for commissions). Everything looked bullish at the open, but it turned out to be the other way round. I 'wish' I would have hold on to the trade. But 'wish' can be dangerous. I followed my trading method. This is the way trading life is.

The Loss: RM950 (19points x RM25 x 2contracts = RM950)

The balance of my account is RM23,075 after the loss of RM950.
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2011 )

Trading is meant to be touch and heart breaking. I have been following my trading strategy (which I back tested). The market just behave wild sometimes. Every knows about emotion control when trading. But it is hard to do even for professional traders (they admit themselves). I have been telling myself that this is part of my trading life. But it is extremely hard to overcome.


  1. u r right bro.. trading is not just easy.. but u r really genuine trader.. sometimes we win and otherwise.. good luck and be patient... patient is a key.. u are more lucky than me.. i'm lost b4 but i will comeback soon..

  2. Thank you 757, I welcome you back to the business first.

  3. It's a normal trader life.. last month I loss 18k in a single trade.. (- 150 ticks 5 lots)..

    Many people will surrender.. But I will not give up, if I can loss that much, I also can profit that much too..


  4. Hi Mohd,
    You are absolutely right. I guess we have to live with it and get use to it.



  5. Abel me wilson,what u can loss ,u also can get it back too,b cool down n trad,i always to control my self,like yesterday morning b4 market open i put the price oct 3141 to short it ,but did get it ,last i give up,dint chasing it,until now this morning i put 3104 to short it,but did get it too,now i also continue it.

  6. Abel me wilson,done oct3104x1

  7. Abel me wilson,done 1 more oct 3104

  8. You all have nerves of steel!!!.......salute.=P