Friday, March 15, 2013

Closed Position At Break Even

Date of exit : 15 March 2013
Title : Closed Position At Break even
I longed to exit my trade at 2408 for a breakeven trade (after 2 points for commissions). The price is choppy and there is no meat for a trend trader like me. I just have to be patient and trade on. 

Date of entry : 12 March 2013
Title : Reversed To Short As Usual 
I reversed and initiated short position for May 2013 Future Contract for 1 contract. The market could go either side actually. I am just following what the price shows me.


  1. fundamental news for palm oil is bearish because soybean harvest in brazil , and brazil took over us as soybean producer ... maybe palm oil price is going up a little bit .. and then goes down ...i thought

  2. i mean brazil took over us as the biggest soybean producer

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