Saturday, June 8, 2013

CPO Daily Remains Bullish With Potential Minor Correction

CPO could head higher as it breaks the recent high based on daily chart and of course there will minor correction along the line.

Week to Week, CPO has up consecutively for 5 weeks. This could mean a minor correction is unavoidable. We just have to be ready.


  1. hi abel, quite sometimes I didn't visit yr blog, what a experience u have gone thru 97 pts loss in 3 trade in a row, u must be tough man, salute u bro, if it would be me kaput already.
    Anyway, last 3 day provide no clue of current uptrend move hence worrying me, although I wish to see price reaching and breaking 2500 and toward 2580 looks unlikely to happen this week, probably some quick pull down and sudden surge might happen in near future, wish to see this end of next week. Good luck bro, salute u.