Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cut Loss Again

Title : Cut Loss Again 
My long position was stopped out at 2370 with a loss of 37 points with 2 points for commission. 2370 turned out to be the low of the day. Couple with the consecutively loss, I am feeling like shit. Sideways really kills. 

The Loss : RM925 (37points x RM25 x 1contract = RM925) 

The balance is now RM 26,575 (RM 27,500 -  RM 925 = RM 26,575)

(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of entry : 3 June 2013
Title : Reversed To Long CPO
I reversed my position to long CPO Aug 2013 Future Contract at 2405 too for 1 contract. This is a very tough thing to do despite I have been doing it ; reversing position. But 'Tough To Do' is part of my trading. I just have to deal with it.

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