Friday, September 13, 2013

Final Exit At 2314

Total Loss : RM600 + RM1100 = RM1700
The balance is now RM 27,975 (RM 29,675 - RM 1700 = RM 27,975)
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of exit 2: Same Date
Title : Final Exit At 2314
I exited the final contract to cut my loss at 2314. 
The Loss : RM1100 (44 points x RM25 x 1 contract = RM1100) 

Date of exit 1: Same Date
Title : Closed One Contract With Loss 
I closed one contract at 2334 with a loss of 24 points. I realized that today is the last day for Nov 2013 as active month and also coming Monday is a public holiday. 
The Loss : RM600 (24 points x RM25 x 1 contract = RM600) 

Date of entry : 13 Sept 2013
Title : Longed CPO Nov 2013 Contract
I initiated long position for Nov 2013 CPO Future Contract for 2 contracts at 2357. I just try to catch the short rebound if there is any.


  1. Today, I also kena trap by the "looks like" rebound signal...

  2. Hi Kok mING,
    Trading during sideways is really mental challenging. We just have to go through with it

  3. Ya. The timing to exit is always the toughest especially running into losses...

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