Thursday, September 26, 2013

Took Lost The Final Contract

Date of exit 2: 26 Sept 2013
Title : Took Lost The Final Contract
I finally realized the lost at 2273 with a loss of 51 points. The Loss RM1,275. 

Date of exit 1 : 25 Sept 2013
Title : Closed One Contract
I closed 1 contract with a loss of 24 points. CPO price is heading for unknown now. The Loss RM600. 

The Loss : RM1,875 (RM1275 + RM600 = RM1,875) 
The balance is now RM 23,450 (RM 25,325 - RM 1875 = RM 23,450)
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of entry : 24 Sept 2013
Title : Long CPO At Open
I longed CPO Dec 2013 Future Contract at 2322 at the open for 2 contracts. I actually lost confident during the last few losing trades.


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  2. I took a different view today.

    Daily chart is still continue with downtrend. Hourly chart also not bringing positive pointer too.

    I expect CPO to hover around 2300 until a major trend is identified.

  3. Hi Kok mING,

    Thank you for sharing. I think you are right. The overall trend is still down. It looks like I have to relook my trading method. Adjustment is critically needed.

  4. No worry Abel. The losing is part of the learning lessons.

    Good luck to you and may all of us make a fortune in trading!

  5. Replies
    1. red bean u mari kacau? just knew u have blog. :)

  6. Hi Eelyn Soon,

    I seldom do intraday unless I am free of other works.


  7. Well... recently i noticed cpo has been whipswing up n down.. and many got cut with losses.. however i find day trades r more beneficial for the time being..

  8. longs / shorts - got wiped out... neither wins unless for those who aim for small profits thru scalps, eg; 2-3 pts profit..

  9. That is what I am trying to need to look at the higher time frame for the trend and trade the lower time frame according to the high time frame trend. Even this you will never get 100% correct but you will definitely minimize your drawdown.

  10. Hi Digital,
    I tried before it might not work sometimes. This makes trading hard; some time works some time does not.
    For what I know, no method works forever. No matter what I come out with, it will work for sometimes but it might fail sometimes later.
    I have been trying to find "great system" using back testing all the time for the last 4 years. You know what, all system like holy grail after I backed tested in, would stop working sometimes LATER. It took 4 years for me to realize that.

  11. Hi Abel,
    1 reason why back testing doesn't work is bcoz market conditions constantly change, past results is not a guarantee for future results, just a reference for ur system only, ur system look ok clean & clear, 1 of my mentor like 2 say "Desperate times call for desperate measures". & " the simple way is the better way" , all ppl will make mistake, It's not stupidity or weakness, It's just human nature, i have complete faith in you will come back in better form. :)

  12. Thank you Nemo DBS.

    Hi Eelyn Soon,
    Intraday trading works great during sideways market ; taking small profit at every trade seems ok. How are you doing?

  13. Hi Abel,

    I am still in the process of learning , as i am really very new. Have only been exposed to the CPO markets about 4 months only now.

    So am figuring out which methods to use for what sort of pattern. I started out with intradays and made consistent profits for the past 3 months until i was influenced to have position trades ended up losing my profits + capitals in position trades.

    Therefore, i do not wish to have anymore positions, i do feel the pain in it, also the lack of confidence ever since i lost big in position trades like you.

    So i learnt not to listen to others anymore. Rather stick to intradays and set a more accurate entries for myself instead. The lacking thing in myself is the entry. And greed is one of my weaknesses.

  14. Hi Eelyn Soon,
    It is better to use the method that works.
    Greed and fear are always our enemy. We can not escape from them. We just have to deal with them :)

    Happy Trading & Good Luck

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