Thursday, October 3, 2013

Realize Loss At 2288

Date of exit : 3 Oct 2013
Title : Realize Loss At 2288 
I exited the trade to realize the loss at 2288 with a loss again of 29 points. I am not sure what the direction will be. Just call it a day and see how. 

The Loss : RM 725 (29points x RM25 x 1contract = RM725)  
The balance is now RM 22,725 (RM 23,450 - RM 725 = RM 22,725)
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of entry : 30 Sept 2013
Title : Long One Contract
I initiated long CPO Dec 2013 Future Contract at 2315 for 1 contract. Usual break up. 


  1. Congrats on your long! In money now :)

  2. Hi KOK mLNG,
    It is still too early to say. Market always does what it feels like doing
    Thanks Any Way :)

  3. Hi Abel, bumped into your site recently.. really nice to see a blog on cpo trading. Have you been long in cpo, is it full time?
    Anyway happy trading ...

  4. Hi Julie Brace,
    Thank you for stepping by :)
    I am not a full time trader. In fact, more like a position trader meaning holding a position over night.
    I hope you would find this site useful

    Happy Trading To You Too

  5. Why are you spending so much time and effort in NOT making money?

    Maybe it's time to pause what you are doing and ponder upon the benefits of doing this.

    Maybe this is just not right for you.

    It's not fun losing money. Good luck to you.

  6. Hi Abel, we all go tru vicious and then. But your gains previously are really amazing. I also admire a position holder.. it takes so much strength. . Trading is a passion, i myself do it just to feel alive.
    So i don't agree losing money is no fun.. it actually keeps us on our toes. Challenging us to sharpen our weapons.. and be ready for the next round ..
    Have a good day ahead.

  7. Hi hoseadavids,
    Sometimes we have to step back and relook the whole trading system. From making to losing feels even worst.

    Hi Julie brace,
    You are right. If not passion for trading, I would have long gone. I would be complacent when winning. Losing is actually makes us a better trader.

    Happy Trading To ALL :)