Monday, October 7, 2013

CPO Weekly Might Be Strong

It is important to see the big picture once in a while. CPO weekly has been descending (the high is getting lower), however, looking at Weekly MACD, it shows otherwise. There is a divergent between the price and MACD indicating that CPO might be Bullish. 


  1. Ah ha....finally you agree to look at the big picture. Likewise when you trade on the 60min you definitely need to look at the big picture ie the daily chart. Without looking at the big picture, you will surely be caught with your pants down. I told you so.

  2. Is this not akin to gambling?

    Why not take all your capital and go up Genting and settle it once and for all instead of spending so much time and energy not making money?

  3. Why not take out your 20k and bet on LPI?
    I'm sure it is less stressful and definitely PROFITABLE.


  4. How can you compare trading with gambling? I've been trading for 13 years. With a 50k account I can make 250k per year.. I have income tax returns to prove it. Abel, what differs you from the rest is your ability to rise up when you are down. Learn from you mistakes. Never enter your full position at one go. Ichimoku is a good trending system.Perhaps you can start from there.

  5. 50k can make 250k? That translates to 500% of gain.

    Year 1: 50k x 5 = 250k
    Year 2: 250k x 5 = 1.25 million
    Year 3: 1.25 x 5 = 6.25 million
    Year 4: 6.25 x 5 = 31.25 million
    Year 5: 31.25 x 5 = 156.25 million
    Year 6: 156.25 x 5 = 781.25 million
    Year 7: 781.25 x 5 = 3.9 billion

    Wow. Who are you kidding?

    1. In theory you are right! Unfortunately, this is my full time job. I've have expenses to pay. So my account starts again at 50k beginning of the year.. You will never know what we had to go through each and everyday just to put food on the the table, Have a little respect for us traders, we are not gamblers!

    2. If that is the case, your gain is: 0

      And worst case scenario, if you lost all the 50k, you will not be able to pay your expenses, meaning no food, no installment payment, etc.

      Why take such a risk?

      Strange being indeed.

  6. LPI is expected to give you a dividend of 5%.
    With your 20k capital, you are expected to get a dividend of 1k.

    Yesterday's price: 15.50
    As of today: 15.86
    Capital Gain: RM464.50

    Had you bought yesterday, your current gain is:

    1000 + 464.50 = 1464.50 based on your 20k capital.

    Do nothing, sit on backside & enjoy the show.

  7. Hi Eckwtg 88,
    You are right. Trading requires mental strength and patient.
    I will look into Ichimoku and see how.
    Thanks & Regards

  8. Hi Abel. Eckwtg 88 is right. I am also using Ichimoku in my trading. Less wrong entries. Good luck. Airman.

  9. LPI:

    9-Oct: 15.50
    11-Oct: 16.30

    capital gain based on 20k capital: RM1032
    Expected dividend: RM1000

    Total Gain: RM2032

    Did you buy LPI?

  10. LPI:

    9-Oct: 15.50
    17-Oct: 16.50

    Have you bought LPI?

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