Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Exit Long Position

Date of exit : 21 Nov 2012
Title : Exit Long Position
I exited the trade at 2401 with a little gain of 11 points with 2 points deducted for commission.

The Profit : RM275 (11points x RM25 x 1contract = RM275)

My balance is now RM30,600 (RM30,325 + RM275 = RM30,600)
(The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )

Date of entry : 14 Nov 2012
Title : Long CPO Jan 2013 Future Contract
I initiated long position of CPO Jan 2013 Future Contract at 2388 for one contract. I am still using Jan 2013 future contract as it is still in active month even there is only one day left.
My Concern :
1. It is a changing time frame for active month from Jan 2013 to Feb 2013 contract on 15 Nov 2012.
2. It will be public holiday tomorrow. Europe and US market are open.

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