Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Trade - Cut Loss

Date of exit : 2 Jan 2013
Title : First Trade - Cut Loss
I exited the trade at 2500 with a loss 63 points. I am trying to control my loss between 60 to 70 points now.

The Loss : RM1575 (63points x RM25 x 1contract = RM1575)

Date of entry : 31 Dec 2012
Title : You Know What, I Shorted
I shorted CPO March 2013 at 2439 2 minutes before the market closed. MACD has been flat with the price headed new high indicating a weakness. I placed order earlier. I could not believe my eye. Wish me luck.

The Concern :The price is actually hit back to the previous consolidation area. This would mean a temporary slow down in the plunge.


  1. After studying your trades/system, you should have shorted at 2453. Why did you wait so long? Anyway, you have a good new trading year ahead! All the best wishes!

  2. Hi Kanneenah,
    Yes, I almost wanted to short somewhere there but I was hesitating.

    Happy New Year And Good Luck To Kanneenah & Justkids.

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