Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Positive Performance For 2012

CPO Futures Trading
My initial balance For CPO Futures Trading was RM 13,200. With a long and tension whole year trading, my balance managed to increase to RM 26,175 with an increment of RM 12,975. I am happy with performance (98.3% Return) despite the draw down of the last two trades. This is trading. Anything can happen.

FKLI Futures Trading
There were only 3 trades done for the entire year due to my lack of proper trading method for FKLI Futures. I managed to make a little profit of RM 250 (1.85% Annual Return). I know it is too little to mention but I am still happy. (RM 13,675 - RM 13,425 = RM 250)

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