Thursday, January 31, 2013

Short To Take Profit

Date of exit : 31 Jan 2013 Title : Short To Take Profit
I shorted to take profit at 2554 with a gain of 124 points. This trade is also unusually long. At least it turned out to be a profitable one.

The Profit : RM3100 (124points x RM25 x 1contract = RM3100)

The balance is now RM 27,825 (RM24,725 + RM3100 = RM 27,825) 
  (The details of my account is at My Future Trading Account Records 2012 )
Date of entry : 21 Jan 2013
Title : Reversed Position To Long
I longed CPO April 2013 Future Contract as usual at 2428 to reversed my position. I have no idea what the next direction be. CPO is obviously in sideways.


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  2. nice, but in my opinion, i think the price gonna drop soon after today, because got evening star, and i saw rsi divergence...

  3. Hi Sinnerx,
    Yes, there was rsi divergence, also the public holiday on Thursday and further more, Bean Oil Futures have been up.
    I was kind of struggling this evening of whether I should close my position but I took the risk on holding it over the holiday.
    I guess if the price goes down, I will have to be responsible for my holding action.

    Thanks Sinnerx and Analyst.


  4. hi abel,
    im curious, do u trade using long term or short term?
    how long u usually hold for one trade?

    sorry, im kind of new here in trading..

  5. Hi Sinnerx,

    I am a short term trader for futures trading. The longest that I would hold on to a trade is about 14 days.
    As you could see, my usual holding period is about 3 to 5 trading days.



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