Thursday, October 1, 2009

Action 20090930: Short FKLI Oct 2009 Future Contract at 1204.5

Date: 30 Sept 2009
I carried forward my short position by further shorting Oct 2009 future contract at 1204.50 (2 contracts) soon after I closed my short position of Sept 2009. My stop loss will be shallow as the market has been down and there is high chance that the price will bound up.
Comment: I am not really convinced for this trade as
1) 1 Hour Stochastic turned up and
2) The pattern of the candle stick is bullish
Date: 1 Oct 2009
I was stoped out at 1212.5 in the morning lossing RM 900 (1212.50-1204.50+1=9 points).
My balance for the account is RM 35,125 after the loss of RM 900.

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