Friday, October 16, 2009

Close Short Position of FKLI Oct 2009 at 1260

I further shorted FKLI Oct 2009 Future Contract at 1246 when I was stopped out my previous long position (the longest holding trade). The price broke down below the recent low 1252 (based on 2 hour chart).

The price reached my stop loss level at 1260 lossing RM 1600.
The details:
Date: 16 Oct 2009
Action: Long to close my position
Longed Price: 1260
Volume: 2 contracts
Loss: RM 1600 (1260-1246+1=15 points) (15points x 2 x RM50 = RM 1500).
My account balance now is RM 35,650 after the loss of RM 1500.

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