Thursday, October 1, 2009

Action 20091001: Long FKLI Oct 2009 Future Contract at 1212.50

I longed FKLI Oct 2009 Future contract at the price of 1212.50 at 1245pm. (I will provide the chart tomorrow).
The followings are the details:

Date of Long: 01 Oct 2009 (Open Trade)
Volume: 2 contracts
Longed Price: 1212.50

Date of closing trade: 02 Oct 2009
Volume: 2 contracts
Shorted Price: 1199.50
Loss: RM 1400 (1212.50 - 1199.50 + 1=14 points)
Comment: Again, I was stopped out. The price hit 1199 at the open and I managed to close it at 1199.50 lossing RM 1400. I am following my trading system so even if I loss I feel ok.
My balance of the account now is RM 33,725 after the loss of RM1400

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