Monday, October 19, 2009

Closed Trade 20091016b: Long CPO Jan 2009 Contract at the close

I keyed in earlier to long CPO Jan 2009 Future Contract at 2178 and I got them at the close. Technically speaking, the price broke above and stayed above the down trend line (in blue). I had no choice but to follow what technical analysis was showing me. It was hard actually but I did it.
The details:
Date Of Entry: 16 Oct 2009
Action: Long CPO Jan 2009 Future Contract
Longed Price: 2178 (at the close)
Volume: 1 Contract

The prcit hit my stop loss level at 2188 (I actually keyed in 2189 but got it at 2188 which is 1 point lower) with a little profit of 8 points, 2 points for commission.
The details:
Date Of Exit: 19 Oct 2009
Ation: Short to close position
Shorted Price: 2188
Profit: RM 200 (2188-2178-2=8 pints) (8 points x RM25 = RM200)
The balance of my account now RM 35,850 after the profit of RM200.
(The details of my account is at )

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  1. hi ,nice blog. i'm also learning to keep a good trading diary and expose it to the public so that i will keep myself disciplined