Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Short To Close Position: Long CPO Dec 2009 At Close: 20091009b

I could not believe myself but I did it. I longed again at the close (2085) with 1)Candlestick bullish engulfing pattern at the close 2) Stochastic (1 hour) is still up representing bullish trend.
The details:
Date Entry: 9 Oct 2009
Price Longed: 2085
Volume: 1 Contract

My long position was stopped out at 2159 (hit my stop loss level) with a profit of RM 1800 (2159-2085-2=72 points).
The details:
Date: 13 Oct 2009
Price Short To Close: 2159
Volume: 1 Contract
Profit: RM 1800 (2159-2085-2=72 points)
Reason to close:
1) Price broke below the morning's low 2165
2) Stochastic 1 hour turned down from overbought area.
The balance of my account now is RM 34,825 after the profit of RM 1800.

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