Thursday, October 29, 2009

Open Trade: Short CPO Jan 2009 Future Contract

I shorted CPO Jan 2009 future contract at 2221 with the reason 1) it broke yesterdays' low of 2227 and 2) 1 hour Stochastic turned down from overbought area.
The details:
Trade Code: 20091026a
Date of entry: 26 Oct 2009
Action: Short CPO Jan Future Contract
Shorted Price: 2221
Volume: 1 Contract

The price finally hit my stop loss level at 2154 with a gain of 67 points.
The details:
Date of exit: 29 Oct 2009
Action: Long to close CPO Jan 2009 Future Contract
Longed Price: 2154
Profit: RM 1625 (2221-2154-2=65 points)
The balance of my account now is RM 37,250 after the above profit of RM 1625.

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