Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Closed Trade 20091006: Long CPO Dec 2009 Future Contract at 2062

I longed CPO Dec 2009 future contract at 2062 soon after I closed my short position.
The details:
Date (Open Trade): 6 Oct 2009
Volume: 1 Contract

I was stop out at 2072 with a little profit of RM 200 (2072-2062-2=8 points). Stochastic 1 hour is tuning down also.
The balance of my account nos is RM 34,575 after adding on the profit of RM200.
(The details of my account is at )


  1. nice technique, i suggest you to increase your lots quantity.

    mine :

  2. Thank you Hampeh, my actual account size for future trading is 4 times of my online account showing at my website; What ever I do; long or short, I did exactly the same. Thank you again.

  3. ooo ok ;) Happy trading... I'm also newbie in FCPO. Plz comment mine to improve my profit in trading... Thanks

  4. Hi Hampeh, you are doing very well, even a professional does not have your result. Keep up!