Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Closed Trade: Short CPO Dec 2009 Future Contract

I shorted CPO Dec 2009 at 2090 at around 1130am when support line was broken (refer to chart).
The details:
Date (Open Trade): 2 Oct 2009
Action: Short Dec 2009 CPo Future Contract
Volume: 1 Contract

Date (Holding Trade): 5 Oct 2009
I am still holding the trade and I place a close stop loss level just in case the price going againts me.

Date (Close Trade): 6 Oct 2009
I closed the position when price went up 2062.
Profit: RM 650 (2090-2062-2=26 points)
The balance of my account now is RM 34,375 after the profit of RM650


  1. Looks like your system needs some tweaking. I have left futures FCPO and FKLI as its a very controlled market.
    I am into forex now. A very vibrant and technical market. Using your current system may work in forex. Have you given a try?
    Mike Lee

  2. Hi Mike Lee,
    Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, I tried EURUSD (Weekly), it works well. I did not upload my trading action to my site. My result is about 25% compounding rate of return (yearly). It is much better than my FKLI and FCPO. You are right, these two products are hard to master.

    Thank you again. Please keep in touch.


  3. whats your email address. Mine is lgcsdv@gmail.com